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Organizational Development

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Executive Development

As attrition disrupts workflow due to generational change in the workplace, succession planning and talent development is both appropriate and cost effective. Organizations are wise to invest upfront in the identification and training of emerging leader.  This step is  prudent and necessary so as to reinforce workflow, consistency, and innovated strategies to increase acquisition and retention of key talent.  The most effective organizations no longer ask "what if we invest in costly training only to have our employees move on?"  Rather, they now ask, "how costly to the organization will it be to have under-trained employees advance to leadership and have them stay?"

Culture, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Creating a workplace culture that feels inclusive requires operational directives, policies, and procedures that seek to identify ideological commonalities, while also respecting diverse lenses--various worldviews.  Workplaces now seek to demonstrate representation of and respect for difference as they serve increasingly global communities.  Our programming is designed not to "indoctrinate" a new ideological world view, but rather to engage participants in psychological methodology which leads to organic shifts in how (O)therness is constructed and how to utilize perceived (O)therness as benefit to the organization.

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Motivational Programming

Employee burnout, depression, and anxiety decreases culture, evades trust, and decreases productivity. Research shows that programming and team building often produces employees who feel empowered, needed, and open to new efficiency when performing job related activities.  Additionally, work-place fatigue produces costly mistakes.  Trust our team to produce quarterly programming to inspire your employees as not only essential personal, but as essential persons--personally, professionally, and aesthetically pleasing co-creators of your environment.

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