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Understanding Literature
Writing About Literature

(Advanced Comprehension)

Master the Secrets of Literary Analysis for AP-Exams and Dual Enrollment College Courses.

Writing Super Score

Competition for admission into the most exclusive collegiate programs has never been more pressing. This course is designed to provide easy strategies to improve your writing scores. Instructors of this course have experience teaching college writing from freshman to Doctoral Levels, have graded for the SAT/ACT exams, and present students with cutting edge theories to overcome writer's block and organize their thoughts.

Mastering College Application Letters 

Along with excellent academic performance, the  production of concise, thoughtful, and attentive college application materials is often the leveraging factor in college admission decisions. This class is taught by university professors who have earned tenure at four-year universities.  During our tenure, we have read thousands of application packets. We know what sways committees, and we can give you the best chance of producing entrance essays that will get you noticed and highlight the special aspects of your candidacy as a student.

The Psychology of College Success

There is a psychological mindset to success in the collegiate atmosphere.  This state of being is adaptive and keeps pace with the realities of our increasingly fluid technology and skill sets.  Let us prepare you with the "hacks" to put you ahead of your peers as you embark on the next journey toward excellence. 

It Is Never Too Early To Start a Consulting Relationship 

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